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Download SHISHEO app and plan your next best experience by browsing through restaurants, coffee shops, bars, beach clubs and more using photos, user ratings and reviews.

Key app features –

* Search for restaurants, cuisines, or even by location and timing. We’ve got you covered

* Get access to photos, contact details, directions, and all the other essential information you need to pick a venue.

* Receive newsletters, offers and discount by subscribing with your e-mail address to our newsletter.

* Rate and review the places you've been to, and share photos of your moments.

* Navigate using our map view to explore the venue around.

Be Momentful is your new greeting card creator app. Browse through hundreds of artist-created “Moments” to discover the ecard message that gives you the best expression for your wishes and greetings, no matter the occasion!


3 Simple steps:

1. Browse and search for the perfect interactive Moment

2. Customise it with a personal message

3. Send the message to your loved ones



No matter where you or your loved ones are in the world, you can connect with friends and family and let them know you’re thinking of them

Be Momentful is here to help you to meaningfully communicate with your loved ones no matter the distance or circumstances. Faster than greeting cards, more authentic than ecards and more emotionally engaging than a text. Install the free app today and start browsing or search to find the perfect moment to share with friends and family!



The Digital Ticket is a global provider of streaming movies, television and original content. The Digital Ticket is the first platform to offer previously unseen, high quality first run films and other great content to the public at absolutely no cost. 


Your simple one-click-vote is why The Digital Ticket has this great content and can give it to you for free.

Twidlee is a platform for restaurants to offer time-sensitive flash deals to maximize sales in less busy hours.


Customers use Twidlee to select, reserve and redeem their favorite deals at affordable prices. It is a win-win B to C app and offers both dine-in and carryout options.


Tasweeq is a platform that relies on the latest technologies, solutions and experiences available in the world of e-commerce to provide the user with a convenient and ideal buying experience in the surrounding stores locally.

In Shopping, the process of purchasing products and exchanging services has been carefully designed to reflect the best experiences and practices in the modern markets, giving the user a unique experience that combines superior quality and distinctive service at the lowest costs.

Maskn is a real estate application for public to view and add new properties in Egypt and United Arab Emirates. It will help society and people to find properties with more ease and excellence according to their requirements, Likes/dislikes and budget.

More new features will be added in the future

Current features include creating and maintaining of user profile. Viewing Properties, Applying filters etc.

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